Getting Really Close..

I am finally in the end stages of getting this book in print and out to everyone. It has been such a long time coming and I am so grateful to Fabi Preslar with Spark Publications for all of her help, encouragement and patience with me. I’m meeting with them next week to see what happens next and what the process will be for roll out!  I still have a lot to learn I am sure!

Looking for Redbirds is really a tangible representation of thoughts I’ve had over the years that I feel have been whispering to my soul. Whisperings from the One who created me, to share what may be universal truths for all of us.

Ultimately my writing is about conveying the importance of:

Listening to your inner voice

Being  connected to your intuition and your instincts

Living your life intentionally

That we all want to make our lives matter by living the truest expression of ourselves whether that means you want to be a baker, a doctor, a mom, white collar or blue collar professional, etc.  It all counts

Paying attention to what life is trying to teach us.

Everything that happens can bring us closer to our souls home

Bringing light and serving others

All of us have limited time to use what have been given

I hope that all of my writing touches someone in just the way they need at that moment and I can’t wait to see what roads this takes me down!


3 thoughts on “Getting Really Close..

  1. Wishing you God’s Blessings on your new journey. So proud of you Dori…… Love & Hugs, Elaine ❤️

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