Looking For Redbirds Manuscript

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to share my excitement that my manuscript for Looking For Redbirds has finally gone to editing and I am very excited to learn the adventure of publishing.  Looking for Redbirds is a book of 40 short writings.  The writings are to encourage us that we are never alone.  I believe it is a book for anyone who needs encouragement when they feel overwhelmed or just alone in life.  Who hasn’t, at one time or another felt discouraged?

Please share this blog with friends and family you think may enjoy it.  I will keep you posted as the process goes along!






9 thoughts on “Looking For Redbirds Manuscript

  1. Hi Dori, I would like a signed copy for your very special neighbor, Ann Giebler!!! Joe and I are so happy for you and all your accomplishments. We loved seeing Madison and at times I had to hold back the tears. She has your giggle, voice, gestures and caring heart; not to mention her beauty. Loved my time with her and family members. Hope to see you soon. Love you, Ann

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