The World Is Our Canvas

Shouldn’t our lives be a work of art?  What are we painting with our thoughts and our actions? Are we applying broad strokes of worry and fear, or of faith and hope?

Are we painting with dabs of hate and jealousy, or with joy and contentment?

Will we leave behind a canvas of failure or a masterpiece of love?

It’s never too late to pick up a new brush and  wipe the canvas clean! Clean with forgiveness, vibrant with joy and glowing with peace.

It all starts with the power of our mind. Our thoughts determine every action we take. Our beliefs become a reality.

Our faith in the possible all lies within us, with a never ending supply of color and beauty.

When we care about others by comforting them and acknowledging  their uniqueness, they reflect back to us their own painting.

So seize the day and paint your masterpiece! It’s a live canvas that we leave behind to those we love, and well… if that’s all we accomplish,  then we have done our part.

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