Today I Saw…

How many of us go through our days without really noticing what is going on around us? We wake up and get ready to go to jobs we are less than passionate about. We sit in traffic, we work, then we get back in traffic. We take care of our duties at home and if we are lucky, we find something or someone to enjoy before the day is over.
Well, today I wanted to really be present in each moment.


I saw a couple in the coffee shop looking at each other as they took sips of their coffee. A song came on and they both wiggled their heads to the beat, while still gazing at each other with big huge grins on their faces. It made me smile too. It also made me feel a little jealous.

I saw a redbird perched on my feeder as I looked out my back door as I do every morning. I always think he is there just for me.

I saw women whispering about others in an unkind way…It saddened me.

I saw a friends eyes well up when she thought she almost ran me over with her car…it’s a long story, but I’m ok obviously. I felt mercy.

I breathed in the smell of the rain as it poured down on my umbrella. I felt thankful.

I saw my sons face light up when he got a new pair of basketball shoes. I felt impressed that it takes so little to make him happy.

I saw an elderly couple in the Dr.’s office smiling at each other and walking arm in arm as they left. I wanted to know their story.

Lord, I just want to be present in this very moment. Please don’t let me be blind to life just passing me by. Please, let me love everyone to the best of my ability, as a mother, a friend, a co-worker, a sister.

There are so many things I have worked for and strived for and I know I will get there eventually but I don’t want to miss the scenery along the way. Today I saw that You have a plan for me, and whatever it is…I accept it.

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